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  • Visa Direct is an innovative service that financial institutions, and now merchants, can offer to enable secure money transfers to millions of participating Visa cards globally, both debit cards and prepaid cards.

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Face-to-Face Credit Card Processing


Visa Direct (formerly known as Visa Money Transfer) is a payment service that lets people send money to millions of eligible Visa accounts around the world through the Original Credit Transaction (OCT). Visa Direct consumer and business Applications include:

  1. Money Transfer: Consumers can send funds to their Visa account or to another person’s Visa account.
  2. Prepaid Load: Consumers can load/reload funds to a Visa reloadable prepaid card in participating countries.
  3. Funds Disbursement: Merchants can disburse funds to their customers' Visa accounts.


How it Works

You get the flexibility to process transactions directly from your integrated software solution or manually keying them into our Virtual Terminal:

  • Consumer-to-Consumer: A consumer can send payments and transfers to another consumer’s eligible Visa card, or to his/her own Visa card. Visa Direct makes it convenient to split expenses, pay personal IOUs, send remittances, reload a prepaid card.
  • Business-to-Consumer: Merchants, government entities, or corporations can send funds to another consumer’s eligible Visa card. Visa Direct enables payments and transfers such as insurance claims, corporate and manufacturing rebates, affiliate and contractor payouts, expense reimbursements, etc.

We provide a secure way to automatically authorize, process, and manage Visa direct card transactions on your web site or web browser. Worried about Internet security? DON'T:

  • Fraud Protection: Identify, manage and prevent suspicious or potentially costly fraudulent transactions with this customizable, rules-based solution for Web merchants.
  • Cardholder Authentication Programs: Reduce the liabilities and expenses that Web merchants incur from the unauthorized use of credit cards by implementing the Verified by Visa SecureCode programs.
  • Address Verification Service (AVS): Credit card sales the address given on your site with the address listed on the credit card file at the issuing bank to ensure a match.
  • After a transaction is processed, you'll even receive an e-mail with amount confirmation and receiver information. Plus, our payment platform gives you the ability to manually key-in transactions anywhere there's an Internet connection.

Secure Transacting

With GoodFundsGateway, all your data is transferred using Payment Transactional Tokenization and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology, ensuring that your customer's credit card information is always secure.

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